Long before you were born, a dreadful wildfire swept across the shrublands of the Southern Californian chaparral. In its wake—a blistered, blackened hellscape of ash and death—the smoke eventually cleared and a naked tangle of limbs appeared like some fleshy beacon of hope. Sawyer Fox and Joshua Pearlman, the pair of shape-shifting, genre-bending humanoids who owned those limbs, decided at once to make a band and call it Builders. But why have these creatures chosen "here" and "now" and "rock" and "roll" as their means of emotional bloodletting?

Together, Sawyer and Josh found that all they needed to transmit the frequencies of hope and heartbreak, of belonging and alienation, of action and resignation, were some instruments and a microphone. Builders' latest tunes offer the perfect soundtrack for the following activities: learning to accept yourself, working on self-control, giving enough love to those who love you unconditionally, moving out of your parents' house, witnessing death, witnessing birth, drinking with friends, drinking alone, providing a clean living and mental space, realizing who you are is no longer important, forgetting your name, expanding your consciousness into the universal, stepping into the darkness, tasting death, reprogramming yourself to the point of almost unreal possession, and dancing.